Stephanie Goudreault

Entrepreneur. Best Selling Author. Health Enthusiast. 
Personal Empowerment Teacher. 

I EMPOWER people to become the better versions of themselves! 

Will you be one of those people?


I believe that we have complete power over our own reality, and that our emotional state is what is manifested into our current life. Having emotional intelligence is the best assets in creating a life full of happiness, abundance and confidence! 

I help people ease emotional discomfort and own their life physically and financially. It's by increasing emotional intelligence & releasing deep-rooted subconscious beliefs that we can thrive and truly live a life by design. Most of us live our lives through the eyes of someone else, a conditioning that has kept us in a victim mindset, not ever showing us how to truly live! Its time to start thinking for yourself, understand where your emotional burdens comes from and start living your best life. The 9-5 life is a thing of the past, time freedom and money freedom is truly the business of the future. 

Hi... I'm Stephanie!

The (tough love, no-beating-around-the-bush-kinda girl) Coach you've always needed. Let me be straight up. I have a different take on emotions, life and freedom. 

I'm a flight attendant turned Personal Empowerment Teacher, author, speaker & business owner. Going from anxiety and panic attack victim turned soul loving, passion driven, blissful entrepreneur.

My passion runs deep for helping Millenials push past their own bullshit and reach their goals, the real one buried deep inside.

What excatly do I do? Let's find out! 

I found Stephanie through Facebook and she’s been of great help to me, I am currently on her programme and I highly recommend her to you too.


Stephanie is an incredible listener. It’s like when she listens to you, she hears beyond what you’re actually saying and into what you mean. Since I’ve started talking with her, I’ve gained so many insights to myself and what holds me back that I didn’t see before. She’s very sincere and prides herself on telling the truth. You won’t meet anyone more straight forward while still being understanding. It’s one of my favorite qualities about her. She has great experience and knowledge in the realm of spirituality and will tell you her own experiences and where she’s learned while also helping you with your own. If you’re looking for someone to help you level up and be straight forward with you, Stephanie is your girl!


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