Stephanie Goudreault

Entrepreneur. Best Selling Author.  
Human AF Creating Conscious Change.  

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I Teach people how to experience more of the world (and more of life)! 



I believe that we have complete power over our own reality, and that our emotional state is what is manifested into our current life. Having emotional intelligence is the best assets in creating a life full of happiness, abundance and confidence! 

I empower people to become the best version of themselves. As simple as that. I believe in people. I believe in their dreams, goals and vision before they believe it themselves. I keep pouring belief into them, and for most of us... thats what we need. SUPPORT. EMPOWERMENT. GROWTH.  Most of us live our lives through the eyes of someone else, a conditioning that has kept us in a victim mindset, not ever showing us how to truly live! Its time to start thinking for yourself, understand that you have control over living your best life. In a world full of competition, I strive for growth, collaboration and sisterhood.The 9-5 life is a thing of the past, time freedom and money freedom is truly the business of the future. 

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