Being a mindset coach is not always easy. In order for me to serve at my highest power, and my highest potential, I have to keep my own mindset in check. I have to be on my best behavior, and be my optimistic self at ALL times. Is that realistic? God no, I am only human and have my downfalls from time to time. Why do I feel like I need to be perfect all the time… because society doesn’t encourage mistakes, it doesn’t allow us to be truly ourselves, the good and the bad. So why did I venture out in a field that doesn’t truly allow me to be myself? Growth.

Growth is the most fulfilling thing in our lives, the challenges, the mistakes and the lessons. The lessons. Ah, we always learn lessons the hard way. What is so special about lessons? Why do we want them, or why are we so afraid of them?

If it’s a good lesson, of course we want to live it. But if it’s a hard lesson, never mind the growth … I want to cower in my covers, watch Harry Potter and eat ice cream. But it's also me, being authentic, genuine and REAL!

Is it okay that I allow myself to feel that emotion, grovel in negative and play the victim? Of course, but I don’t stay there, and neither should you. Find tools, read books, listen to amazing podcast that help you get back to your highest potential. For me, it's going back to my positive self, the girl who loves to help others, who feels her heart full of love, a girl who won’t stop until she reaches her dreams and the girl who wants to help others do the same.

It's in those hardest moments that bring the most reward, the most growth and the most fulfillment. It’s because of those moments that I am able to help others get through their pain, help others grow their mindset and become better version of themselves, and its because of my experiences that I’m so grateful for the good days. And sometimes in life, the lesson will repeat itself until you learn that lesson, don’t wait for that to happen. Learn it from the start, realise that life is for us, and its for our growth. Things come to you at the right moment and in the right time.

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