I remember being a little girl and falling in love with the Harry Potter series. It seriously scared the living hell out of me that some people had the power within their fingertips. As a little girl, I dreamed about being in that world - I dreamed about creating a future full of travel, adventure and memories. I dreamed of being able to create ideas, inventions, experiences - or let’s just say create pretty much anything - with my mind. The idea of making objects appear or disappear. And as time went on, I was never told that my ideas were foolish, as my mom always instilled the belief that I could have anything I’d ever wanted. That if I prayed hard enough, worked hard enough and just believed, that all my deepest desires would come true.

And as I grew into this young teenager...all my dreams seemed to disappear. I didn’t live in a Disney-like world anymore - a series of events happened. Losing a close friend to drinking and driving at 16 years old, almost losing my best friend in that same accident, and living with an alcoholic, all led me to soon realise that I wasn’t living in a fairy tale world anymore. I lost hope. My dreams went down the drain - I forgot all about my inner child, and I almost forgot how to have fun. If I wanted to make things happen, I was going to have to work hard to accomplish them, no partying, no fooling around, and I was going to gear down and make my dreams happen. My last two years of University, I was going to school full-time, working three part-time jobs, and volunteering at two different speech therapy clinics (yes, I was the definition of an overachiever), on top of having homework and attempting to travel home every second weekend. That’s the precise moment my anxious thoughts started to arise, my irrational fears took over, and I felt like a complete failure - knowing I didn’t know who I was, where I was going or who I was going to be. I was so busy chasing people, things, and opportunities, and had the devil on the tip of my shoulder started spreading lies, negative beliefs and manipulation inside my subconscious. Is this what life’s about? Why am I completing this degree? I hate it. What am I going to do? I don’t even know who I am. What’s the meaning of life if you can’t have it all? Why do I have to choose between being successful and having fun?
On a weekend at home, I was provided with magic. My mom was reading the book, “The Secret,” and as she started reciting some stuff from the book to me - I got super curious. When we read the book together, I felt at peace. The devil on my shoulder seemed to disappear. I started researching this amazing power. And that’s when the little girl who believed in magic, the girl who believed in anything was possible, the girl who knew she would become a great leader, the girl who believed that life was meant to be lived, had resurfaced inside of me! I  started having faith that the universe had my back, and I knew I was going through all of these lessons to help others live through similar circumstances. It’s because I had so much faith, that life was/is adventurous, and it always, and I mean always works in my favour. From wanting more time in between flights and to them being “magically” delayed, to looking for purple shoes and being told that they’re out… but magically they find a pair in MY SIZE! It took some time to realise this: you are meant to create life. You have the power in your own hands/mind/spirit and you are powerful. I think my biggest lesson was learning that the magic of life was believing in myself!

4 Steps To Believing in Magic Again
  1. Know that it exists. As a child, we knew magic existed, we could find magic and miracles anywhere we went. Everything felt like a miracle, planes flying in the sky, babies being born, or sewing the eyes back on your favorite teddy bear. Yet as adults, we seem to forget all these brilliant things. Step into the knowing that magic exists for you no matter how old you are, and I guarantee you will start seeing, feeling and experiencing the magic again.
  2. Look for ways to add more magic in your life. Doing what you love each and everyday add substantial magic into your life. Some would say that love itself is magic, and it brings a magical feeling. In fact, love is the highest vibration you can feel. Start with love, and you will bring so much more magic into your daily life.
  3. Don’t forget to dream. It’s so easy to get wrapped up into our day to day lives - trust me I know. We tend to focus mostly on our responsibilities, and we forget about our dreams and aspirations. Honestly, when’s the last time you allowed yourself to dream about the possibilities, or the life you want, or about the dream job? Give yourself permission to dream again, and then decide! There’s nothing more magical than living a life your soul is craving.
  4. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Magical is born out of gratitude, it’s essentially its foundation. The simple art of being grateful allows you to attract more incredible experiences and opportunities. Never underestimate taking 5 minutes of your day to tell the Universe what you are grateful for or who you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised at the way it’ll change your perspective about life, and about magic.

Believing in magic allows you to believe in yourself again. Believing in yourself is a sure-fire way to heal anxious thoughts, create new beliefs and let go of fear. This is a call to ALL MILLENNIALS, find your inner child, forget who you’re “supposed to be,” and become the person you WANT to be. And life will be magical!

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