How many of us wake up with a grateful heart… truly grateful? Do we see all the amazing things that surrounds us. It time to stop doing what we’re doing and truly enjoy what is around us. Its time to wake up and realise that we live in a world full of abundance, and I’m not talking about just wealth abundance… I’m talking about natural abundance, love abundance, joy abundance, family abundance. When are we grateful for our house, our family, our clothes, our food, our animals, our passion, our hobbies? In what moments do we feel truly grateful. When are we seriously content with where we are in life, feeling the love that surrounds us, feeling like we can accomplish anything because this morning you woke up still breathing. It should be EVERYDAY! We should be amazingly grateful that life gave us another chance to chance at our dreams, tell our beloved ones that we love them, see our family and explore this world. Some days are definitely harder than other but let’s not focus on the lack because we have so much.  Let’s not focus on the days where the anxiety is higher than the ceiling of our home because we actually have a home. Today let’s be grateful for the sun shinning on our faces, because we get to feel its warmth, we get to sit outside and enjoy what nature has to offer, and for one more day we get to feel what it is like to be alive. Be grateful that you are capable of reading this, that you have the means to have internet or at least connect to it. It’s amazing the things we miss when we have a heart full of hatred. We have the power and the control to choose how we see the world, why not see it with a grateful heart. Why not choose to live a happy, abundant life? I know I do... #itsachoice
Steph xo

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