Driving across the country from Vancouver to Earlton for 41 hours… was quite a spiritual experience. Not for the reasons that most people think, not because It was long and boring. But because I was sitting with my mother in the car contemplating life decisions, and I was grateful I was able to have this journey with her. Its curious that when you are with someone you love unconditionally, you don’t feel the need to fill silence moments with noises. Instead, I enjoyed the moments we spend together. We sat most of the ride in silence, thinking about different things and observing how other provinces lived their lives. And when we did talk, we would talk about goals and the next steps in our lives. The drive was spiritual to me because I got to reflect on the things I truly wanted, for once I didn’t have timeline, chores to do, business to run or other obligations that didn’t allow me to fully enjoy this moment. With a good amount of sleep, good food and amazing company, I was able to let go of life’s stressors and truly tap into what my higher self wanted. I was able to be 100% in the moment with my mom, and where we were and how we felt.  As it turns out, I was and still am super pumped to be moving back to the East Coast. I felt/feel like I was on the path I was truly meant to be on. I felt alive, excited and fulfilled with the idea of buying a house in Nova Scotia. It was the moment, I left Vancouver that this discovery arised. I left without a single tear, without even looking back or without even second guessing my decision (as I do most of the time). I knew I was on the right path, and it felt so good. As we saw the different landscape of different provinces across the country, it showed me a glimpse of what my life would look like. Oddly enough, I have this life perspective that most people don't and I'm learning to embrace that gift.

Driving through British Columbia and Alberta was represented by mountains: a hard, perilous and uneven path, a part of my life that was difficult. A challenge getting to the top, an up and down path… it was a treacherous adventure. The part of my life when I felt the most anxious, depressed and confused. I was leaving my student identity to pursuit adulthood. I didn’t know what I wanted, I didn’t know who I was and most importantly I was stepping into a life I didn’t want. A 9 to 5 life, a life living with someone else's terms and a life that was quite mundane.  As we got to Saskatchewan and Manitoba, it was all plains and fields, and it seem to never end. In fact, a path that was smooth, lonely, and clearly aligned with what my higher self had planned. It was the calm after the storm. The last year of my life, where I had a fulltime job, created a business, moved to a province I wanted to be in and create a life aligned with my true hearts desires. It was eventful but very easy, action oriented and lonely. It was a part of my life where I was meant to face alone, and that’s why I was based out of city that was so far away from my family, a city that is known for it’s loneliness and city that isn’t very friendly. Finally, as we entered Ontario, forest and rock cuts… signifying my stronger self, standing tall against all adversity. The forest is beautiful and regenerative and I feel like a new me. I am on this path right now, facing adversity, proving that I will stand strong with others, and never feel alone again… I wasn’t alone in the plains anymore. I was surrounded by amazing people (friend & family), a new life coach that want's to increase the consciousness for the highest good of all and a soul sister mastermind that want to create a life full of bliss and life changing moments. Soon I will make my way to the Maritimes or Nova Scotia to be exact, where the ocean creates another serene scene… always in flow, abundance and supported. The ocean always has low and high tides but always comes back to the ebb and flow. Feeling supported, comfort and calm, the ocean brings an unknown that I’ll accept with grace.

Things always happen for reason, the universe guides us in the right direction, the direction we have asked for… and the lesson we need to learn. I have faith that this is all meant for a purpose and my growth will help so many others. What an amazing country we live in, what an incredible journey it’s been... and I can’t be more grateful to the people who have stuck with me through it all. My journey across Canada wasn’t just 41 hours of driving but a 26 year journey: of choices, mistakes and growth. It was a time for me to really face who I was, who I want to be and who I am meant to be. It was time to face all parts of my life, and the reasons why they came about the way they did.

What does your journey look like?

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