How I’m feeling after my soul sister spiritual retreat:

It’s an amazing feeling to finally feeling like I fit into a group of women. 

always knew I was meant to do great things and was meant to be different than the rest. I just didn’t know how to achieve the biggest goals, and dreams I had or which steps were the first ones to take.

It was exactly 4 years ago:
This young 22-year-old was going through her first break up, feeling depressed, she couldn’t stop crying and she didn’t even like the University degree she was pursuing. She was following the current; going to university, to get a good (not great) job, get a pension, health benefits, get married, have kids…

That girl was me, but this is the story of SO MANY OTHER MILLENNIALS TOO.

My life was practically just starting, and I wasn’t even happy with the basics.
During those times, I remembered the girl inside me who knew that she could be happy like she had before, who can dream like she had before… and she didn’t forget who she was. It was during those hard times that I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

And I AM SO GRATEFUL for the glimmer of hope I held on to so tightly.

And as I look back at that girl, I want to thank her for taking that step into having faith that the world was worth giving a second chance, that her mental health was worth fighting for and that she was willing to do whatever it took to get back to her best self.

It’s in this moment that I realise, that I AM the glimmer of hope, and the glimmer of light to others.

As my light consciousness unfolds, and as I learn more about my purpose in this life, I know that my story will change the world. And it’s in this retreat that I am reminded of my power amongst our millennial generation, that I am not part of the status quo, and that I will not allow others to go through the patriarchal current.

I am here to show the world that we are not meant to take medication, we are not meant to feel weak, we are not meant to feel unworthy and we are not meant to feel unloved.  We are the new way of life.

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