It’s the first week of October. The leaves are officially changing colours, we have left summer behind us and we’re getting ready for all the festivities to come. The last quarter of the year is one of my favourites. It’s the perfect opportunity to see how far you’ve come this year, be grateful to what is happening in your life and working towards the goals you have not yet accomplished.

Thanks giving, Halloween, Christmas & New Year all bring a sense of excitement.

If I look back at last October, I was in a completely different province, completely different mindset, completely different relationship and completely different life. Little did I know that my life would completely shift, that I would hit bottom to come back up again. Amidst all the craziness, the growth and the festivities… I want to make sure I’m taking care of my emotions, anxiety and anything else that really doesn’t serve my higher purpose.

In order to reduce some of your festivity worries, anxiety and stress. Try these tips:

  1. Take the pressure off yourself. If you set high expectations for yourself and for others at holiday events, you’re more likely to feel let down by others and with yourself. Know that some things won’t go exactly as planned — and that’s just fine. Smile, have fun and be in the moment. Be present, and the pressure will magically vanish.
  2. Most people aren’t paying much attention to you. You may feel as if people are focusing on you, but in reality, most people are probably wondering what you are thinking of them. Have you ever thought of that? Try giving a compliment, this can make others feel good, make you feel good and reduce some stress. Holidays are meant to be celebrated, fun and loving… stop being in your head, and be in the moment.
  3. Let go of fear. Are you afraid you will say the wrong thing or embarrass yourself? So what if you did? Would it be the end of the world? No, we all know that we’ve all had that embarrassing moment but people quickly forget about it, laugh it off and love you even more for it. Fear can seriously take over your life and that’s not what you want. Be there in the moment, fear will slowly disappear.
  4. Don’t look for relief in alcohol or drugs. Although it can be tempting to “take the edge off” at holiday events, alcohol and drugs can make anxiety worse and may trigger panic attacks. I would much rather gain a few pounds than trigger a panic attack… wouldn’t you agree? Be mindful of unhealthy addictions.
  5. Choose to say no. Try not to overschedule yourself during the holiday season. You don’t have to feel obligated to accept every invitation, and you may want to eliminate some traditions that cause you more stress than joy. Learn to say no without explaining yourself. It’s okay, it’s your life and you get to live it how you want to.  

You see a trend in all these pointers? Of course! BE PRESENT in the moment. Get out of your head, be mindful of the food you’re eating, the smell surrounding you, the people you are with and the feelings that are arising as a result of being with your loved ones.


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