Let’s talk about fear for a moment, fear plays a huge role in our daily lives.  In fact, fear is the barrier between you and your success. I can vouch for that in many different ways; I was afraid of letting people down, not being worthy, being a failure, being successful, being alone, being single, not owning up to my own standards, being rejected… and I mean the list goes on.  

That crippling fear never allowed me to become my true authentic self, because I was always afraid of something. Now we are almost conditioned to be afraid of life: don’t cross the street you’ll get hit, don’t go out at dark someone will get you, don’t eat sand it might kill you, better cook the meat well done if not you’ll be contaminated, wash your hands… I mean some are for good measure but really, we are bombarded with fears.   

And so I made a decision one day to let go of the fear… I wrote down everything I was afraid of at that time; and I ripped the piece of paper in a million pieces and threw it in the lake (I’m sorry mother earth for polluting, I wasn’t as conscious about the planet then as I am now.) I told myself that I wouldn’t let fear win again… or as most people would call it “anxiety” or “stress”. In fact most of those emotions are rooted in fear…   

Anyways back to my story, I also told myself: “If something scares me, I have to do it. It’s my duty to become the courageous young woman I want to become.” And so my courageous journey began, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy at the beginning. Let’s just say I was also angry with myself for making this decision… why would I put myself through so much hell?  

Well let me tell you, 4 years later… I’m SO grateful I did. To this day this is still what I do before I face something scary.  

1-      Awareness of the emotion: Oh gosh I’m scared, shit okay… hmm I don’t want to do this.

2-      Face the pro’s and cons of action: Well if I do this, I’ll grow and it’ll become easier and I’ll become a better person. If I don’t… then I might regret not even giving it a try

3-      Courage: I have 15 seconds before I change my mind. GO!.  

Before I even knew it I had accomplished a lot of different things that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t actually choose to face my fears. Now today, those fears no longer exist. I still have fears come up, I am after all human, but I know I can face them.  

Fears are a way of keeping you small, and that’s the wrong route to take when you have serious goals and dreams. Change, growth is part of life whether we want it or not… might as well jump in and make it happen on our terms.  

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” – Jack Canfield



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