Do you feel stressed out and anxious today? Look at these 15 tools to help you to feel calm and at peace with the rest of your day.

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1.Beginners Yoga for Anxiety & Depression

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2. Five Must Watch Ted Talks for Anxiety

If you spend a lot of time and energy worrying about things that are never going to happen this is for you. Less than 8% of the things that we worry about ever even actually happen.

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3. Six Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress

No matter what time of year it is, stress can always creep in! Winter holidays have a reputation for delivering depression along with the gift wrap and gingerbread. But schedule changes during summer vacation can also bring on anxiety instead of relaxation. All that tension takes a dangerous toll, and rates of panic disorders and stress-related mental illness continue to climb. Elevated stress hormones also increase inflammation, putting you at risk for serious issues, including heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune disorders.

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4. The best Relaxation APPS for Kids with Anxiety

From coping with change to sensory needs to difficulty understanding emotions and black and white thinking, anxiety likes to creep in and roar…loudly. This list of 15 Apps for Kids with Anxiety has done wonders for helping us navigate the negative thinking, difficult social situations, and anxiety.

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5. Seven Healing Herbs for Anxiety & Stress

Even though this article will address herbs and supplements, it is important to know that there are immediate things that we can do to help induce a state of calm, whilst decreasing the fight or flight hormones. These things include deep belly breathing; thinking of soothing things; visualising relaxing scenes; gentle movement; taking a brisk walk; connecting with friends who care; meditation; yoga and tai chi. Be sure to find a practice that helps you find calmness and use it in conjunction with herbs.

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6. How to make your Anxiety Netter by De-Cluttering your life

There are a lot of reasons why clutter can cause anxiety or make your anxiety worse. When you see large messes around your house, it’s difficult to know where to begin.Y ou can get overwhelmed when there is just too much stuff in your home. Also, a lot of the things you own may have a strong sentimental value to you. Making it difficult to get rid of things that are just adding to the clutter. Living in a messy environment can increase your stress levels, and make you feel guilty about the way you’re living. It can also make it very difficult to focus on more important things that you need to tend to. A cluttered life can affect a lot of areas in your life, like your work, relationships, and your mental health. Which makes sense why it causes anxiety. So, is it possible to fix it? Absolutely!

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7. Eight Herbal Teas and Supplements to Reduce Stress

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8. Ten APPS to Ease Anxiety

Here are my top 10 free apps that can be used to help ease anxiety! I’m no expert in psychology or technology, but I am an anxiety sufferer who uses these applications in times of need. I’m sure there are plenty of apps I have yet to discover, so make sure to leave them below in the comment section, and share this post with anyone you think might benefit from the list!

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9. Fifteen Tools in my Self Care Basket For Anxiety

While I think being self aware is imperative to maintaining our mental health, that skill is learned over time and has to evolve. However, there are some things I use on a regular basis to help when I  am feeling anxious or worried that everyone can have at their fingertips.

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10. Anxiety Survival Guide

Here all of the things I do or try to do to manage this beast called anxiety.

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11. Seven Foods to Ease Anxiety


Anxiety is a condition that many suffer from daily. Thankfully, natural remedies can help change the way you feel. One very important natural remedy that helps ease anxiety is your diet. It all starts in your gut! Food makes your body feel good, as well as your mind. When you are anxious, your blood sugar drops at a high rate, and one way to bring it back up is to fill your body with the key nutrients it needs.

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12. Eight Ways to Calm Down without Drugs

If you have trouble falling asleep, have a constant nervous feeling in your stomach, experience irrational fears, or have nausea when you know you aren’t sick, chances are you’re anxious. And it sucks. Knowing how to deal with anxiety, however, can make it suck a whole lot less.

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13. Hobbies to Reduce your Anxiety

If you need anxiety self help advice, you have come to the right place. Anxiety can be so bad that it is basically crippling. If you want to know how to better deal with it, check out and follow along with the below information.

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14. Anxiety - A quick reference

I have many people ask me about what natural remedies they can use for different ailments.  There is so much information out there, and I think it’s time to simplify it all!  I am staring a series where I will be giving you 4 tips that you can use to quickly and safely alleviate negative symptoms. 

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15. Panic / Anxiety Attacks

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