It’s on a day like today, that I forget that the world exists, all the problems, the hate, the abuse, the low frequencies that are dominating this world. More than ever we try and shine our light on the people and the souls that need this message. A message of hope, passion, love, joy and abundance. We have this belief that we live in a world of lack, a world full of hatred, and corruption as we shine our light upon the world in front of us, it seems to grow, to expand and to become a lighthouse for people. We are all drawn to the light when we think we’re at a loss, when we think we’re stuck, when we think we have no where to turn… we want the light. We want it all to ourselves, we don’t want to share, we don’t want to celebrate… we want it selfishly. We want to keep it hidden from the world just In case the darkness comes back. What we don’t realise, is that by hiding this light, we are making it dark again. 

 As an empath, I feel what people are searching, what people want and also what they lack. I can feel their pain, I can feel their anger and I can feel their peace. As I project my brilliant bright white light upon them, I see their eyes light up, I see them smile again and I see their full potential. I believe in them before they believe in themselves. Something that most people can’t do, something that is not well seen in our society. I’m weak, I can’t handle strong emotions and I can’t deal with every human soul that crosses my path. What about all the other souls, animals, insects, plants? 

It’s moments like these that I’m able to be okay with where I am, that I can enjoy the moment without feeling what others are feeling. That I’m able to stay in the light and feel all of it’s love. Taking each breath, and enjoying the pureness of the clouds, the sun and the blue that’s surrounding me. Do you have one space, one moment or one time of day where you feel most at peace with life? This is my moment. As a millennial, I was raised in a world of hatred a world full of darkness, and a world that has been touched by so many bad people. It’s above the clouds that you realise how the world is truly beautiful, that you are part of something so much bigger. That you are full of love.  

I would give anything for every millennial in this world to feel a day like today ….

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