Decluttering is one of the most beneficial things to do before the holidays season, out with the old and in with the new! Decluttering is very beneficial for increased concentration, focus,  creativity, sleeping and happy moods. It will also allow you to let go of the past, and alleviate some anxiety. What are you waiting for, it's time to declutter! 

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1. Declutter your life: Ease your Anxiety

An excess amount of clutter in your life will leave you overwhelmed, disorganized, and anxious. You will be far more productive with a clean, minimal slate.

Decluttering your life will ease stress and leave you much more room to focus on what’s important in life. And there’s more than just your closet that needs a little cleansing!

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2. Relieve Anxiety by Decluttering your home

I was stuck in this cycle, and all the "things" surrounding me seemed to trigger these anxious thoughts and uncomfortable feelings. (Ever noticed how you feel much calmer in open, green spaces?) I wasn't 100 percent sure, but I was starting to realize that some of the objects around me were visual cues causing my brain to go into overdrive. I started to resent them and I wanted to be free.

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3. Five common Decluttering mistakes and how to Avoid them

Today I’m sharing 5 decluttering mistakes I’ve made over the years while decluttering, simplifying and embracing minimalism. These decluttering mistakes are common and easy to make. But that doesn’t mean you have to make them too! Take what I’ve learned and skip the decluttering mistakes so you can declutter more efficiently and effectively right from the start!

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4. Four Psychological Effects of Clutter

There’s a garden variety of reasons we have clutter. Uncontrolled consumer impulses, emotional sentiment, memories of the past, fear of a future need, guilt or obligation, and hope for a future change- are some of the most common.

As emotional beings, we have the tendency to infuse our belongings with emotion. In many ways, we perceive these items as being a part of us or an extension of ourselves

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5. How to Declutter Sentimental Things

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already decluttered your home as much as you can. You’re probably feeling somewhat satisfied, but also that you could go deeper with minimalism. I know that for me, I resisted going deeper because I was hesitant about letting go of certain items, to the point that I’d forget they were even in my home in plain sight. Decluttering sentimental items is hard, but sometimes you just don’t need a box of birthday cards on the floor of your closet–perhaps the memories alone, or a well-shot photo of the item, could be more than enough. Here are a few thoughts and tips to help you compassionately let go of sentimental items when you have too many.

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6. Decluttering Checklist

Woo-hoo! You’ve decided to commit to the KonMari Method and are ready to change your life by discarding those items that don’t bring you joy. So let’s do this!

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7. Seven Brilliant ways to Organize the Little things that you misplace

If you are looking for ways to store and organize small items such as batteries, hair elastics or hair pins then this post is a must-read. Declutter your junk drawer by following these simple organization tips for the little things in your home.

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8. Twenty Ways to Declutter your Home

Do you feel overwhelmed by the state of your home? Are you constantly picking things up, or clearing up after your family? Does it feel that no matter how much time you spend looking after your home, it never seems to be enough and you’re fighting a losing battle?

If so, don’t worry because there is a solution!

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9. Thirty Ways to Instantly Declutter

Lately I have been inspired to declutter and get rid of items I no longer need (junk drawer, I’m talking to you!). Honestly, I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed every time I open a cupboard door or step into another room and discover more clutter!

While your home may require a deep clean, you can easily begin by throwing away these 30 things now. By throwing away I mean recycling, donating or selling — only trash them as a last resort.

I know the task of decluttering your home may seem daunting and you may be wondering where to start. Even if you have only 15 minutes to spare, you can still accomplish a lot by using the following suggestions.

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10.   150+ Things to Throw Away Today

Tidy home, tidy mind. Clean house, clean head. You have probably heard variations of these sayings before! But you may have never fully realized what decluttering the house can really do for your mind.

Throwing away old things is a powerful way to give your mind, clarity, focus, peace, and balance. Without even noticing it we surround ourselves with unnecessary, energy-draining clutter. This clutter can create a negative environment and affects our mood in a bad way.

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11. How to declutter your Entire House in one weekend (or less)

Clutter, clutter everywhere! When it comes to decluttering your house, it can be such a daunting task. Trust me, I’ve been there! The idea of sorting through all those rooms filled with belongings, mementos, and memories can be so overwhelming that it’s easier to push it off for another time than to actually tackle the task. But in reality, this is one of those things that doesn’t need to be a big ordeal. I’ve found that with a little planning, it’s actually possible to declutter your entire home room by room in one weekend (or less)!

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12. Sixty Things to Toss Out in the next Sixty days

If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of clutter in your home, we’ve got tips and tricks to help you get the order back in your life.

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