Life doesn’t always go as planned, who are we kidding it NEVER comes as planned. I thought I’d be married, with a career in speech therapy and a house beside a lake. WRONGO! My life is completely different than I had envisioned it back when I was in high school.

Let’s all agree that controlling the outcome has never served any of us, because we all know that some days you’ll work harder and some days you’ll have a little break. Some days, you know those days... when you wake up and you’re already in your mid twenties, mid-thirties or mid forties... and wonder where the time has gone. Some days will be massively productive, and some days you need to relax and take a serious 5 hour nap. But as time goes on (without us having control over that), we realise that yet another Halloween, another Christmas, another year, another birthday has gone by... You feel as though you should do better, you should try harder, you should be more of this or that, and you should definitely treasure every moment.  

Once again, you get caught in the flow of life, going through the motion, and forget all the things you’ve ever wanted to do, the dreams you’ve wanted to accomplish or the people you’ve wanted to thank. And yet again, another year has gone by. You’ve forgotten who you are and what you stand for... because all you ever do is care for others. You don’t have time for yourself anymore. What type of life is that? What happened?

After you’ve had a few soulful anxiety attacks, or burn out sessions… you realise that life is important and you’ll start doing the things you love again. You start to wonder why you are here, because there must be more... more to this mundane life.

What a seriously vicious cycle. We always wait for New Year, or a birthday, or a new season to “start” living our lives with consciousness.


WAKE UP! And do it NOW! Stop waiting, baby Jesus help the person reading this.!!! Live each and every day with intention, break the cycle for yourself and for future generations… live your life by your design. Let go of trying to control everything, because in the end that thought (mindset) is controlling you. Anxiety is controlling you.  

Now. Ask yourself 3 questions.

1.   What do I want? (answer with a real dreamy type of mindset)

2.   What makes me feel good? (be honest, and if you can’t answer that, find what doesn’t make you feel good… and try the opposite) 

3.   Why am I so afraid to dive into what I ACTUALLY want to do? (write all the fears down and realise that they are not true, that you can overcome them and that you are perfect as you are)

What a luxury it is to live each and everyday by design, and live each day like you want. It’s time for you to step into that power, and design your own life.

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