It is HIGHLY treatable.

Honestly, I’m living proof of that!

I know so many others that have come out of their anxiety feeling like a Rockstar. What differentiates us from you? The one who’s reading this wishing life was different, wishing all of the pain and suffering would go away, wishing that all those overthinking thoughts would just disappear and all would be blissful again… To those of you who feel like it’ll never go away, keep reading and you’ll find out why.

Now I’m the type of person who says things the way they are… and it’s not easy for some people to listen to what I have to say. As humans, other than anxiety created because there’s a bear chasing us… we create our own anxiety.

It easy to blame all our anxiety on the weather, on other people, on certain events, on our parents or even on “it just comes for no reasons” but we all know deep inside that you are FULLY lying to yourself.

Seriously lying to yourself. Now some other people might take your bullshit, and pity you. But I know better, I know you are SO MUCH stronger than this. You are so much more alive than this. You are so much more truthful than this. And you have the power to accomplish anything you want…. But it seems like you don’t actually want it. The only difference between the victims and the victors is that one decision. ONE DECISION. That you will never give up on yourself no matter how hard it is. No matter how much it hurts, and no matter how much people are not helping. It was that one decision that I wouldn’t let anxiety win this battle, that I was going to change and do everything in my power to have a joyful life again.

WE ARE SOUL BEINGS, and our body knows how to cure itself. In this case, our mind has the most power… and how to we change our minds? Well, there’s 3 main areas to focus on.  

1.       Lifestyle

Seriously, what are you eating?

How are you moving your body?

What supplementations are you taking?

How is your sugar intake, how is your alcohol and caffeine intake?

Do you take care of yourself? Do you mediate?

 Do you do yoga? 

You need a lifestyle that nourishes every part of your body. You need to move, and feel good on the inside. Everything starts with the inside, and in fact… feeding your body with the proper nutrients, water and exercise might just be the key “or the cherry on top as we say” to all your problems. There’s a reason why we have 10000 health and wellness coaches around the world, they KNOW that this is a key component to a better mental health. That is certainly a clue.

2. Spiritual

What do you believe in?

Do you follow your gut?

Do you accomplish what you want?

Do you people please?

Do you lack directions and faith?

Do you forgo your intuition?

 As a spiritual mentor, I see this A LOT. We listen to what we THINK is the right thing without actually listening to what our soul is screaming at us to do.

We live by pleasing people and saying yes to everything. We fear that someone will judge us, and that we’ll make the wrong choice. BUT in fact, we NEVER make the wrong choice, because at the time we make it, it’s the right choice… unless it’s taking a human/animal life, then that’s wrong.

Our soul is screaming at us to do something we love, to live life to it’s fullest, and to be US (who we truly and deeply are)!

A lot of the anxiety in the world today is due to Spiritual Anxiety… we don’t actually say yes to the things we want… and we are so preoccupied by listening to everyone else, comparing ourselves on social media, and just living in complete and utter fear of change.

Our soul is our guidance, our soul is telling us what we have, and how we will be so much happier but unless you start to listen to it. Nothing will actually change. #Fact

3.       Mindset

Do you grow yourself?

 Do you make an effort to learn new things?

Do you see the positive in each and every situation?

Do you count your blessing?

Do you listen to podcast or audiobook to feed your mind? Do you believe in yourself?

Do you love yourself? Do you take time to fully embrace who you are? 

I could talk about this for days, mindset is a huge component when it comes to anxiety.

Here’s another big aspect or trigger within anxiety: lack of self love. In fact Self love, and spiritual lack are the two main factors in today’s mental health world.

It’s a snow ball effect. If you start with a small diminishing thought, I promise next thing you know… you’ll die because you stepped foot out of the house.

And I can guarantee that that first thoughts was something along the lines of “I don’t like the way I look”, “I’m not worthy”, “I’m not where I want to be”, or “I’ll live comfortably and accept it”.

But what if you change those thoughts to, “hey I love my hair today”, “I’m worthy of a beautiful loving life”, “I have made so much progress in the past year, I’m super proud of myself”, “I’m getting closer to my goal”, “I want a badass life, and I know that little by little I’ll get there”.

How different is that?

Wow what a change in vibration and energy. The way you speak to yourself on a daily basis creates your life, and it will propel you in the direction that you want. MINDSET is very important.

Now let me finish this post by saying this. You have all of the power to fight this off and it is right inside of you. You have the opportunity to let go of the things that have hurt you in the past and truly move on. You have all the power to forgive yourself and make the decision that you want a better life for yourself. By taking the time to do something you love or do something that makes you happy on a daily basis, you are choosing yourself before anything else. I promise you’ll see magic happening right before your eyes.

You are amazing.

You are strong.

You are beautiful.

And YOU can do this.

I love you xo



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