A lot of things are going on behind the scenes here in the Eastern part of Canada; remodeling my website, touching up some blog posts, creating content for an amazing new program and trying my best to be consistent on social media (whilst essentially having a life).

Sunday’s are usually my days off but this week, I have to much on the go to take that luxury, which essentially comes with a first-time business owner. It doesn’t always have to be this way, but for this week it’s okay and I’ve accepted it by now.

As I was decluttering my closet this morning (you know to ring in the new year with new things), I realised that a lot of clothing I was keeping, for the sake of either

  1. Didn’t want to upset my grand-mother, after all she gave me this sweater 3 years ago
  2. What if I wear this again, maybe I’ll lose the 10 lbs to fit in this dress again?
  3. some people in the world are homeless, and don’t have this luxury so maybe I should keep it and stop being so greedy

All of those thoughts are not wrong, but they are NOT serving any good in my head and in other peoples.

  1. I’m pretty sure my grand=mother does not remember giving me this sweater
  2. This dress is already out of style, and I’m pretty sure I won’t wear it even if it would fit me
  3. If I don’t donate the clothing that are rotting in my closet, no one else has the luxury of wearing them #bargain

Beliefs, crazy how they can rule our life. Back to this point.

I knew the art of decluttering would surely help my overthinking/overdrive brain (that I’ve had for a week now) and allow it to breathe a little.

Taking the time to even do this decluttering created another problem: “I’m not working on my business” guilt. I knew I was avoiding this guilt by procrastinating all week on the declutter, but also knew that all the "things" surrounding me seemed to trigger these anxious thoughts and uncomfortable feelings. What a vicious cycle.

Even though I had that guilt for taking the time to clean up my closet, I also knew that it’s something I HAD to do in order to feel new again. Just like the seasons, I needed a change.

It’s funny because in the process of getting rid of clothes, also I let go of past relationships/friendships/memories. You know when some items remind you of a specific night out with an ex, or reminds you of the person you bought it with… it was time that some of those shirts left the house.

Starting the new year fresh, clean and free has always been a thing I strongly recommend to everyone. Out with the old, in with the new… what a cliché saying, but soooo true.

If I could declutter my closet and it would bring me this amount of freedom: physical and spiritual. Could I apply the same techniques in other areas of my life?

What if I took some of my old beliefs, and replaced them with new ones? How would that feel? Would that spark some motivation, joy and/or abundance?

We are entitled to believe what ever we want, and we are entitled to change our beliefs.

What do you want to believe about your health?

What do you want to believe about your wealth?

Is it okay for me to be rich?

Is it okay for me to feel good about luxurious cars?

What if I believed in myself, and gained the courage to accomplish my dreams?

What if the Christmas tree could be decorated outside this year?

What if flying was easy and fun?

Is it okay for me to be in Mexico for the holidays?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to any of these questions… this is your life!

🌠Take a moment to reflect on which belief is serving you.

🌠Take a moment to reflect on the belief you want to change.

🌠Take a moment to reflect on why you feel certain emotions/restriction towards answering these questions

Jut just know this, and I think that’s what’s mostimportant.

You can make any decision you want

You have the right to believe whatever you want

Youhave the choice

You are in control

You are powerful

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to

You are worthy of anything you desire

You can beat any obstacle

You are loved

You got this!

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