Have you ever sat down after someone told you they were proud of you and wondered what they could possibly mean by that? What they could possibly have to be proud of? I have.

Have you ever struggled to feel pride in yourself? Struggled to be proud of an accomplishment? Struggled to feel excited about getting a job done? I have.

Have you ever found yourself comparing your accomplishments with those of others around you? Minimizing your successes because someone else did it fastest or someone else did it better? Minimizing yourself because you felt like your effort wasn’t as worthy of the praise? I have.

I can take a lot of time to understand what it means to be proud of yourself, to celebrate your accomplishments, and to hold yourself into the same light as others you look up to. Once you’ve figured out that you’re your greatest role model, being proud of yourself starts to come easily.

I’m proud of where I’ve come from. And you should be too. 

I’ve been through a lot - don’t worry, I know that sounds like a cliche - we’ve all be through a lot. From growing up with an emotionally abusive grandfather, to losing a friend to drinking and driving at 16 years old, to spiraling into anxiety & depression and to failing so hard at relationships, I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel pride in myself. I was drowning in emotions that I couldn’t handle - that I couldn’t escape from.

I’m proud of who I have become. And you should be too.

It’s through my own drive that I have taught myself to let go of anxiety, relieve my depression, and cease my severe panic attacks. It’s through this journey that I have allowed myself to build a tool box full of confidence, positivity, encouragement, emotional mastery, energy shifts & mindset hacks. Not knowing at the time that I was an empath made me feel so alone - I would never fit in. I was too emotional (when in reality most of those emotions weren’t even mine). It took decades to figure out that I had this god-given gift and years for me to come out of that dark hole, to become the person I am today. It took me so long because I tried doing it alone. I did succeed, eventually, but it wasn’t a fun and uplifting process by any stretch. But it’s not about where you came from, it’s about where you’re going.

And I’m proud of where I’m going. And you should be too. 

I’ve always had a positive perspective on life & I have the opportunity to see things differently than most because of my god given gift of being an empath. I’m have this paranormal ability to apprehend people's emotional state and understand their fears. I’m able to use that to tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear in order for them to grow at the next level in their lives. It allows them to break through the emotional and mental barriers they have created for themselves. I am able to see what their human potential is before they do and I can grasp if they are passionate about their life or not. My passion for helping people, especially women, to push through their own bullshit and reach their goals runs deep. I believe we have complete power over our own reality, and that our emotional state is what manifests into our current life. I have manifested such a beautiful fulfilling life by acquiring emotional mastery.

I’m proud of where I’ve come from, where I am, and where I’m going and this is why I pledge my life now to helping others get out of the same hole I was once in, so they don’t have to go through it alone.

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