What is your intuition? Your intuition is the inner knowing or feeling that you know something is true even if you don’t have all the facts to back that truth up. You may feel a sensation in your stomach almost like butterflies you experience when you’re falling in love, you may get goosebumps, hear the whispers,  feel the space in your chest flutter, or just have a general “knowing” that cannot be persuaded or influenced. - unchainyourserenity

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1.Seventeen Ways the Universe communicates with you

Universal Spirit is talking to us.  It is trying to get our attention.  It is trying to guide us, connect with us, and wake us up. When you are tuned in to how the universe is communicating with you, life becomes a lot less confusing, and you start to feel a lot more aligned and connected.

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2. This is why your intuition isn't developing

Your intuition is one of the most important aspects of yourself. Your intuition is known as your internal compass or personal GPS. It can lead you away from dangerous situations or events or on the other hand your intuition can lead you to passion fulfilling opportunities or even miracles that can change your life.

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3. Create a sacred space

t’s good practice to create space for ourselves both mentally and physically. A break from the noise, business and chatter from the world in order to maintain our balance is a must-do. Your spirit growth flourishes when it is honored with a place you can visit to quiet your mind, renew your energy, and commune with the heavens and your soul.

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4. Is it your intuition or your ego talking?

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5. How to Ground

The cornerstone of any psychic development or clairvoyant program teaches you the art of Grounding, Running Energy, Psychic Protection, and Neutrality (Being in the Center of Your Head). These powerful psychic tools, along with the sixth chakra (third eye) and your clairabilities are at the foundation of your psychic awareness and functioning.

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6. Five Ways to Becoming a Healer

While it is important for you an empath to love yourself, it is also important that you make others love themselves too. That is how you can heal them. Show them their positive sides, their talents; make them feel good about themselves so that they can radiate positive energy and learn to be optimistic too. It’s not that difficult to become a healer. All you need to do is focus on yourself and the positivity of this universe. You are an empath. You can heal the world.

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7. Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

This is a small book that takes about an hour to be completed but as recommended, it’s a good book to reread once in a while as different nuggets of wisdom might catch your eye when you read it.

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8. How to listen to your intuition

The word intuition originally came from the Latin word intueri, which meant “to contemplate” or “to look within.” Without learning how to look and listen to our intuition, we tend to rely solely on the limited rational mind or external input from others, which can quickly lead us astray.

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9. Seven Steps to tuning into your intuition


We all know that everyone always has something to say about everything, even if it’s not something they necessarily care much about. And just because someone has advice for you doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good advice.

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10. Meaning behind number synchronicities

It’s a sign from the universe”.

But what does this really mean and how can you tell if this “sign” is truly a divine message that you are in alignment with your desires?

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11. How to Develop Intuition

Have you ever had one of those moments where you can almost “see” what’s going to happen next?

Suddenly you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a certain someone is calling, or something surprising is going to happen.

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