Money was not create to feel anxious about it. There are ways you can minimize the stress and still enjoy life. Here's 15 ways you can release some of the anxiety of being broke.

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  1. How to Budget for a Baby

From: thistinybluehouse

2. Fifty Easiest Things to Flip For Profit

From: practicalcash

3. Retirement Tips

From: oflifeandlisa

4. Thirty Things to do on a no-spend weekend

From: livinglowkey

5. Seventy Smart Ways to Save Money

From: trialsntresses 

6. Thirty Five Frugal Habits

From: budgetingcouple

7.  How to Budget Money on Low Income!

From: newmiddleclassdad 

8. Fifteen Easy Meals you can Make for Pennies

From: orisonorchards

9. How to Pay Off Debt Fast when You're Broke as Hell

From: moneymindedmom

10. How to Budget when you're broke as hell

From: ponytailandproductivity

11. Too Broke to Eat?

From: simplelifeofafrugalwife 

12. Sixteen Frugal Depression Era Recipes

From: thespruceeats

13. Thirty Five Frugal Recipes to Make when you're broke

From: gracefullittlehoneybee

14.  Thirty Things to do when you're bored or broke (or both!)

From: tremendoustimes

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