Summer is here! It's time to enjoy the outdoors and get out of our heads. These eight guides will help you spend each summer moments with bliss, happiness and fun. Start today by saving these tools to help you find the sunshine amongst the bad weather. 

Article Photo by: ventyrocktalk

1.Summer Self-Care Challenge

From: blessingmanifesting

2. Twenty Five Easy Self Care Ideas that will get you Outdoors

From: runningintriangles

3. Ten Fun Journal Prompts for Summer

From: thesunshineresuitcase

4. Summer Self-Care Challenge

From: homewithatwist

5. Twenty-Nine Self-Care Tips for Summer

From: ventyrocktalk

6. Outdoor Self Care Ideas

From: runningintriangles

7. Five Summer Self-Care & Wellness Tips

From: mindfullyglam

8. Ultimate Mental Health Summer Guide

From: radicaltransformationproject



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