Yesterday, I ran out of oil for the heating of the house… I’m not sure if you guys are aware but it’s freezing temperature here in Nova Scotia. It was just lack of awareness and mindfullness around house duties, I had completely forgotten to check my oil level in the past few weeks… and BAM.😱

When I placed the order, I was already running low, and they weren’t coming for 4 days. 😐

So I sat in bed yesterday morning, I knew we had run out because the house was freezing so here I went turning on all our portable heater fireplaces.

It did make me think though, if I can be slightly reckless with simple things like forgetting to order oil for the heating of my house IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!! (seriously though, who forgets that?)

What other things are we reckless about in our personal self care daily life?

  • How many times did I “forget” to check into my emotions to see how I was doing?
  • How many times did I opt for the quick fix of a pizza rather than properly take the time to fuel my body?
  • How many times have I let go of my own wellbeing because I was so preoccupied by someone else’s?
  • How many times did do something I hated, and never checked in with my soul to see if that was a good choice?
  • How many times did I avoid that intuitive nudge that told me not to do it or to go somewhere?
  • How many times did I spend my money on things I truly didn’t want that much but it felt good that the moment (bringing on guilt / shame / regret)
  • How many times did I let the fear or anxiety rule my day?

If I forgot something as important as oil to heat the house, I sure as hell forgot something important in my wellbeing.

Ps: this is not a guilt trip, it’s a reflection that possibly sometimes we need to take a breath and think of ourselves once in a while instead of acting on default.

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