Sometimes it’s hard to hold back what truly needs to be said and felt, especially when it comes to emotions.

We live I a world of Unicorn puffs and snowflakes.

People are afraid of emotions, afraid of actually feeling something!!

My love, emotions are our guiding system, the way for our bodies to let us know whats up! Stop feeling the need to burry them so no one can see them, not even you. If you keep denying that emotion or that truth, it will just fester (and grow, eventually letting loose).

The Truth is powerful! Allow yourself to feel and to share with loved ones so you can get through it (but also have the intention to go through it, not just grovel in your self misery).

You are HUMAN, you are a hot mess and you will never get rid of the emotions… BUT that’s OKAY!!

Strive to be you, the best version of you, not another snowflake.

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