You have the power to change your life with one decision.

I'm an absolute advocate for living a dream life. Every decision has been based on adventure, growth and helping others do the same. I believe that this life is meant to be lived, it's meant to be fulfilled with crazy ideas, with amazing life changing stories and most of all filled with experiences. What am I? I'm a Women's empowerment Coach.

Hi - I’m Stephanie. An entrepreneur, empath, animal lover, huge believer in people, creator of the Unleash your Magic Webinars and crystal addict! I’m a small town, Ontario girl, with big dreams of helping Canadians achieve their own goals and dreams, and leaving their anxiety, depression and fears behind.

The thing is, I’ve been in your shoes. The feeling of deep anxiety, feeling like you are so much more than the life you are living. That you could contribute so much more to the world. That you were meant to live a better life. I know it all too well.

I was in the last year of my bachelors degree, when I realised I hated what I was doing. I didn't know who I was if I wasn't going to be a speech therapist, I had been going to school for so long I didn't know who I was out of school. I had become the person society wanted me to be, not the person I truly wanted to be. And that created IMMENSE anxiety.

So instead of settling for a less-than a satisfying life, I chose to pursuit what felt right deep within my soul. I became empowered with what brought me joy and let go of what didn't, I stopped victimize myself and stopped letting fear control my life.

Ladies, I want to inspire and to make YOU think about life, about things that you want and the life that you are creating for yourself, because YES you have the power to do that.

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