Wouldn't it be nice to wake up one morning and not be anxious to go on that date?

You're think: In my dreams right? Hear me out, I know right now… You’re experiencing a lot of anxiety towards the  upcoming date(s), and all you can think about is the pain you put yourself through every single time, or you're fighting all the fears that arise as the date approaches, and all you want to do is cancel…

BUT you convince yourself maybe she's/he's the one? One last time... then I'm done with online dating.

Am I right?

Reprogram your mind, follow your heart.

Ready to have fun again?

Dating Bliss

The dating Bliss program take the anxiety out of dating & teaches you how to date people because you have a genuine interest not because you're afraid of being single.

When you sign up for Dating Bliss, you are stepping into your own personal power and you're signing up for support & Anxiety Coaching unlike any other program on the market.


It is a 6-module course which walks you through all the BULLSHIT that our previous experiences have layered into our conscious and subconscious. These are the things that hold us back from having fun while dating, meeting the right person and believing that you can have it all.


Layers that need to be healed, revealed and nurtured; they need to be replaced in order for them to work with you in harmony.


It’s time to stop dating the wrong people, going on useless date and shut the little voice inside your head telling you, you'll have to settle, or that you’re not good enough to have the partner of your dreams. You are WORTHY and it’s time to show that to the world.

How Do I know If this Course is Right For Me?

  • Do you feel like you will never be good enough for a man/woman? That anxiety free dating experiences don't really exist in the real world?
  • Are relationships a constant source of stress for you?
  • Do you often find yourself with a lot of anxiety about your performance, first date skills or personality?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the online dating world, and how to weed out the bad?
  • Are you the kind of person who says ‘yes’ to everything on first dates because you're afraid you won't get another date?
  • Do you dream about having a perfect partner, that will compliment you in having a better life?
  • Do you feel you’re completely out of control when someone ghosts you or doesn't want a second date?
  • Do you believe that fairy tale endings are for everyone else but not for you?!
  • Do you feel like you should just settle for the first person that likes you?
  • Do you feel desperate, afraid and anxious about being single/alone for the rest of your life?
Well of this was me once upon a time too!!
The stress, anxiety and self doubt of dating zap your ability to be present, have fun and enjoy a night of meeting new people.
Maybe for two weeks straight you stay positive, practice self talk, or you work on your appearance thinking that's the problem, and then suddenly, one-too-many days pass without a text message, without a date, a tinder match, a POF message, you then let go of exercising, and before you know it, you’re back into overthinking mode, worried and stress out that you'll stay single forever.
I know this pattern because I’ve lived it, too.


I was raised with a very mentally abusive male role model, he would manipulate me into believing all the self depreciating things he would tell me. I felt like all of this was "normal". In fact I attracted the same type of men into my romantic relationships, it started in 2014 when my relationship soon ended after I found him in bed with another woman. This pattern continued for 4 years; I kept dating men that didn't want to be serious, or would ghost me after a few months... it even came to a point where someone took monetary advantage of me. I knew I had to break the cycle... 


So what’s the answer? How do we break free from our old patterns once and for all? How to start believing that you'll find a partner that's right for you?
TThis is why I created the 6-Week Dating Bliss course. At the end of this course, you’ll have the complete foundation you need for your brand new, amazing and fun dating life.

Two years later, not only have I mastered these, I've started noticing that this caused A LOT of anxiety within my clients and within the millennial generation. This is why it is my mission to bring this program to life.  

Today, I can confidently say (which has never happened before) that I have a secure, safe & trusting relationship. I don't have any anxiety, worries or fears towards my partnership with Scott and I love myself like I never have before. I feel in love with life, with adventure and with myself before I found the right person. 

I allowed self love to consume me, the Universe to guide me and be my protector. I surrendered to my past, knowing my story would help people in my future. I was willing to see things differently, I committed to putting in the work necessary to change my circumstances… and then I promised to myself I would help others do the same!

So here I am, sharing with you…

Dating Bliss (because it really can be blissful)

Thankyou for everything you have done for me and you are certainly great at what you do and I will highly recommend you to anybody else that has a fight on their hands with anxiety!


Stephanie is an incredible listener. It’s like when she listens to you, she hears beyond what you’re actually saying and into what you mean. Since I’ve started talking with her, I’ve gained so many insights to myself and what holds me back that I didn’t see before. She’s very sincere and prides herself on telling the truth. You won’t meet anyone more straight forward while still being understanding. It’s one of my favorite qualities about her. She has great experience and knowledge in the realm of spirituality and will tell you her own experiences and where she’s learned while also helping you with your own. If you’re looking for someone to help you level up and be straight forward with you, Stephanie is your girl!


Delivered over 6 weeks, the course covers:

Content-rich video lessons
Written coursework
Easy-to-follow instructions
1:1 Coaching every week (if needed)
Shit ton of support
You can decided how many hours of coursework per week
Practice daily at your own pace

Have Fun While dating

Establishing your connection to what you want

Let Go of the Anxiety that comes with Dating

Attract the Partner that's right for you

Create a loving, trusting relationship with yourself and with another person

Increase your self-confidence and self-worth

Feel good with your decisions, and stop feeling social pressures

Heal from Past Mistakes

Stop worrying weather you'll ever find someone, if they'll show up or if they'll like you

Stop being so desperate

Feel dateable and desirable again

Stop being so afraid of rejection/judgement/being used

Learning how to recognize when you’re in a bad situation and are repeating past patterns

Stop blaming yoursel for all the failed relationships

Pre-Enrollment Now Open for March 2019

Dating Bliss

My Dating Bliss program gives you LIFETIME access to my courses content - and did I mention coaching!
ALL geared toward helping YOU take out the anxiety when dating!

What's Included:

6 Modules of Virtual Sessions 
      ⇒ Value $1,998
PLUS: POWER CHECK (20 mins to talk about whatever you need 3x during the program)
      ⇒ Value $333
PLUS: Module Workbooks & Homework
      ⇒ Value $249
PLUS: 3 Mediations
      ⇒ Value $35

I want you to get serious value so I’m not done just yet!... 

I’m including these bonuses if you sign up by THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14th NOON EST.

BONUS: 60 mins breakthrough session (Value of $450)

BONUS: Saving $50 on the ENTIRE PROGRAM

About Stephanie

Hello Dear, I'm Stephanie! Born and raised in Northern Ontario (Canada) where the winter are wayyyy bellow zero, and summer time only comes for 2 months of the year. Spiritual belief and Mindset coach, manifesting queen, moon goddess, crazy cat lady, travel bug and adventurer, but most importantly human.

I am so excited about this offer!
It is my intention that you will learn how to relieve the anxiety that's caused by 20th century dating. It will be my duty to help you gain more confidence, acknowledge your self worth and heal the part mistakes that are still haunting you. I want to help you have fun while going through the process of finding the partner that is right for YOU! 
Although I've been coaching for a few years now, my specialty is to bring the best out of people, to empower them to live a fulfilling life and to show them that anxiety is not a life sentence.
It wasn't until May of this year that I decided that I was ready to go bigger. I quit my flight attendant job and put my heart into this business, to help as many people as I can let go of the things that are holding them back from living a blissful life.

I enjoyed working with Stephanie as she showed a different perspective, different generations‎ and different life experiences. I actually look forward to speaking with her and it forced me to do something for "me". It forced me to fulfill my promise to myself.


How It Works

This course is held completely online!

The 6 module will be held online with homework at your own pace. If you don't want coaching, that's okay too... I won't force anyone to do 1:1.

Module 1: Clean the Stage

In this week we move into the deep dive work and banish all the beliefs that don’t serve you. This is where the real work begins, when we look at what's in between your ears.


Module 2: Who's the Artist?

In this module,  we completely recreate your identity into the person you want to become.  

Module 3: Let's go to the Lobby!

In this module,  we look at how you are truly treating yourself, because your partner will treat you the same way.

Module 4: Setting the Stage

In this module, we figure out why this is happening to us and what we need to do next.

Module 5: Let's change seat!

In this week we make decisions that will change the course of our lives forever.

Module 6: Fall in love with the piece

In this week, we are creating change in our own lives. We are saying "HELL YES" to the things that excite us, and "NO" to the things that don't.

More Details:

You have completely unlimited replays, and can access this course again & again & again.

**These are your trainings, systems, and bonuses for life. You will always have access!**









You can say no to this program and you have every right to walk away. But just remember what doing nothing has got you so far: feeling powerless to negative mindsets and anxious dating patterns. At any point, you can change the trajectory of your life and own your destiny. I want you to be the most blissful, life-seizing, fun loving version of you.


So say yes to you. Choose today. Choose now.