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1:1 Mindset Coaching

Spots are open for my coaching program and I would love to invite YOU to join me!

Anxiety is NOT a life sentence!

This three month experience with lots of 1:1 , accountability + Growth with allow you feel good about yourself, to live happiness in little moments and feel confident in every day decisions. 

In order to feel in harmony with life, we need to combine mind, body and soul. Without the synergy of these three working together, our intuition isn't as strong and it's harder for us to discover our identities and feel what we want out of life. Layers that need to be healed take longer, feelings that need to be nurtured are neglected and stories that need to be replaced stay the same. It's not a quick fix, but definitely a long term gain. 

This is the perfect time to start feeling worthy, of your decisions, your future, your life but most importantly yourself. I look forward to busting the anxiety myths, and show you how I can help you get there!


Change the trajectory of your anxiety


In order for you to leave anxiety behind, you have to completely change your mindset around anxiety, your identity and life in general. It’s about rewriting the story of your life, and finally feeling empowered to pursuit your goals.


Health plays a huge role in mental health, we need to set some standards when it comes to nutrition, exercise, water and emotions. When you combine Education and habit changes, it will make a difference in your lifestyle. Trust me.


What is your intuition telling you? Have you listened to your soul lately? Anxiety is created because you supress all of your wants, and needs. You allow the fear of change rule over your life and you don't allow your soul to do the talking. 

Your soul is screaming at you to have a better life, to live freely, to have fun, to be blissful…. Will you listen to it?

Anxiety is NOT a life sentence!

Be ignited, inspired, & unleashed. Clear obstacles and challenges. Engage what nourishes you. Package includes:

  • 12-60 minute coaching sessions
  • Personal energy reading and perspective shift integrated into one-on-one sessions
  • 24×7 email access and support
  • Resources and materials completely tailored to your needs & priorities
  • Access to relevant recordings to reference & support your process

Individual coaching (single sessions) offers you incredible growth and support as YOU need it. Get help to move through the emotions that are trapped inside of you. You have the opportunity to integrate this work as part of your ongoing self-care. Take Advantage of it. 

About Stephanie

Hello Dear, I'm Stephanie! Born and raised in Northern Ontario (Canada) where the winter are wayyyy bellow zero, and summer time only comes for 2 months of the year. Spiritual belief and Mindset coach, manifesting queen, moon goddess, crazy cat lady, travel bug and adventurer, but most importantly human.

I look forward to sharing more of my story, and meeting you in our first meet up! 

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