Dear Sister,

You are fnally home.



Our Community is for ladies who wish to travel more, have more time freedom, make beautiful lifetime connections and invest in themselves. 


Ready to feel connected again?


We empower each and everyone of you to achieve your biggest dreams.

More Travel / Culture / Adventure


Better Health


More time freedom


More Money and/or Financial Freedom

How did this community come about?

Our Community was brought together on a small dream of having more sisters to travel with, have fun with, volunteer with, achieve goals with, have diner dates with and make more money with. 


Have Fun

Connect with likeminded women

Manifest a life of fulfillment

Create a loving, trusting relationship with yourself and with the others

Increase your self-confidence and self-worth

Free Community!

Learn how to invest in your selfcare and health

A need for communit, support and Empowerment

We would love to meet you!

What's Included:

      ⇒ Community Support & amazing friendships

Personal Growth
      ⇒ Becoming the Best Version of yourself

      ⇒ Grow your self belief & Self Worth

      ⇒ Moon Cycles, Period Cycles, food, Emotional Intelligence, Manifestation, Energy Work, & so much more!

A community isn't a community without… 


Weekly Online Date

Local Events

Retreats (Hopefully 2021)

I enjoyed working with Stephanie as she showed a different perspective, different generations‎ and different life experiences. I actually look forward to speaking with her and it forced me to do something for "me". It forced me to fulfill my promise to myself.


Join us & become the best version of yourself. Join us and learn about collaboration, support and fulfillment!